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Group of businessmen have a different solution for a challenging labyrinth

We Solve Information Security Problems with Most Efficiency

We want to become leaders in ICT  Security by achieving customer satisfaction through teamwork, commitment, and continual process improvement. Let us serve you the way you want.

Our Mission


We keep our cyberspace safe and secure to underpin our National
Security, power a Digital Economy, and protect our Digital Way of Life.


“Provide a resilient, goal-enabling, and assuring operating cyber-environment to each and every one of our unique and highly valued clients by consistently and painstakingly striving to identify, design, and intervene in delivering customized cybersecurity, and privacy‑enhancing services and solutions that meet their needs.”


“To become an outstanding world-class cyber-evangelist, defender, and leader that is consistently crafting and delivering superlative and resilient cybersecurity solutions, resulting in superior outcomes that delight and astound our clients.”

Core Values

Why Choose Us?

Experts with world class skillsets with following.

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Centre of Cyber Security of Pakistan is more than equipped to provide you with experts that will not just meet expectations and deliverables but ones that will redefine your expectations. We transform technical service delivery with a comprehensive set of outsourcing services that dramatically reduce costs and improve organizational capabilities. Our clients realize significant and sustainable performance improvement and can focus on long-term business values. We enable you to save money, reduce risk and reallocate resources to concentrate on your core business.